Professional support service for MARGO

The experience and knowledge base of the MARGO Support Services team benefits our customers as they seek to maximise their return on their investment. The quality of our support services is one of the major reasons that enterprises choose MARGO. Our technical depth provides an unmatched capability to help deploy MARGO, and to respond quickly to complex issues.

Installation support

Getting MARGO up and running is slow and difficult, but having expert help on-hand to solve your problems can help ensure you get the most from MARGO.

Enterprise peace of mind

MARGO provides enterprises with higher performance and more capability for substantially less money than proprietary alternatives. MARGO offers you unprecedented value for money. With MARGO's extensive cross-platform support, we can configure the perfect solution and ensure that the expertise to keep it running, and make the most of it, is always on hand should you need it.

Expert advice

Our mission is to ensure that you achieve your deployment of MARGO. For expert advice on complex decision making problems, we can guide you.

Support requests are handled through e-mail.

Support contracts vary in terms of:

Contract categories:
installation support (for a limited time after installation), support packages (price per call), annual support contracts.
Way of support:
telephone hotline, e-mail hotline.
Level of support:
1st level (smaller problems, end-user targeted), 2nd level (administrator), 3rd level (developer targeted, sometimes including source code changes) support definition and coverage.
Coverage hours and days:
10x5 to 24x5 or 24x7, working days only or all 365 days/year.
Reaction time:
from 1 hour in the best case to 8 or 16 hours (or next business day).
inclusion of individual consultancy and auditing.
Patch and update management:
in case of new version.

Additionaly, we offer training. We can offer classical seminars with physical attendance or e-learning solutions, leading to a certification process.

For more information on which package is best for you, or your business contact us.


Our professional support service trial is related to MARGO, an open-source software. This service includes consulting, support, maintenance, and application management. Since the "classical" support model of OSS (send a bug report to the project's community) is not accepted by many business customers, we provide a commercial support in order to offer the possibility to have this product supported without getting involved with the developer community culture.